meldod_o (meldod_o) wrote in skinny_knickers,

Why do I seem to fail.

What's wrong with me. I'm not even close to the Christmas spirit. Between being mad at the stupidity of my family and myself, I'm almost literally sick of being home. Already! I mean, this is pathetic, I'm not even looking forward to Hawaii, 'cause I'm gonna be really out of place. And unfornately, I'm more mad at myself then I am at anyone else.
Okay, explaining anger with the familia. My parents and Veronica weren't speaking. They're all still all fake and cranky with each other. Ugh. It's seriously gotten to the point where if they don't get over their crap and try to get along I'm going to disassociate myself with both parties and distance myself from the drama. I mean, seriously, when the silent one gets up and leaves, maybe they'll think about what their doing. I mean, I swear by the end of college I'm gonna end up with an usler, so whatever, why not get it over with.
As for being angery with myself, I only pulled a 3.4 this semester. I got a B- in CTVA,(they give gpa points by +/-), so I'm probably going to end up retaking it if I decide to go into Film Production, to give me that extra edge. I'm so dissapointed with myself I could spit. My parents keep saying that they're proud. You know what, I know their lying. Vern and Steve both made the deans list their first semesters of college. Maybe I'm not made for college.
I allowed myself to be distracted by Snow too. I shouldn't have. I should have known I couldn't stay focused. If I want to succeed, my life needs to consist of nothing but school and work. More school then work.
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