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References to Captivating so just bear with me.

I watched "You've Got Mail" last night (I even made an icon for it, see below, would have made more but the stills I found were crappy) and I absolutely adore those two characters, Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly. I think the scene where she is sick and Joe comes to visit her and brings her daisies is the perfect example of a man offering strength to a woman and a woman being able to be vunerable and unveil your beauty (interesting how she's sick when she does this). He offers his strength by making her sit down (she's sick) and putting the flowers in a vase, getting her tea, and stopping her from saying something horrible which she'll regret later. All of these things are subtle but important. She is too sick to care what he thinks of her(what she's saying anyway, not in her appearance as evident in the trench coat covering her pjs) and just tells him exactly what he thinks. All of her defenses are down, letting the real her come through. Example: her speech on how everything should be personal, why she loves daisies, and that she doesn't hate Joe and shouldn't say the mean things she has. She even tells Joe about her internet lover even though she's embarrassed.
And then I love their relationship that follows. I love their chemistry and the banter. It's so obvious that they should be together and that they love each other and are meant to be together despite the fact that he owns a boat or put her out of business. And I find myself feeling silly for wishing I could have a relationship like theirs. I feel silly because I know that it's just a movie and life isn't like a movie. But could it be that just this once Hollywood portrayed love right? Could it be that a relationship like theirs isn't just a Hollywood fantasy but does in fact exist in the real world? Could that really exist for me? Or am I just a silly girl? I don't know.
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