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I Feel Blah

Ugh, I'm having an awful day. Well, make that two days.

Reasons for feeling blah:

1. Yesterday, Valentines Day, I didn't even get an Ecard from my boyfriend.

2. My iTunes isn't working properly. Sounds like a cd skipping only there's no cd in there. Ugh.

3. I have my first Astronomy test on Friday.

4. I have a paper due in Music in Film due Monday.

5. I have a quiz in Music in Film Monday.

6. I have a bizillion things to do this week in the homework department.

7. I might not get my new car 'cause the insurence company hasn't called my dad yet and the dude at the dealership is trying to mess with my dad.

8. Feeling extremely unloved by the bf right now.

9. I just feel icky about life right now.
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