rowan_rose (rowan_rose) wrote in skinny_knickers,

People who pretend they are perfect Christians and have never committed a "big" sin bother me. For instance my suitemate. Great girl, love her lots. But she claims that until recently she had never struggled with doing her quiet time with God. She's been a Christian for about as long as I have and there has got to be some night where she did not do her quiet time or did not feel like she was in God's very presence.

To my knowledge she has never struggled with a "big" sin: sexual, drinking, cussing, even dishonoring her parents. She refuses to be assertive with anyone for fear that it may cause conflict. When she does get into a conflict with someone she insists that she is not angry with the person at all. IT'S OKAY TO GET ANGRY WITH PEOPLE! You just have to control what you do with that.

Whenever I or anyone else tries to be honest about our feelings and our struggles with sin she acts shocked and concerned for us that we have such strong feelings and sinful struggles. It's really annoying because she doesn't mean it but it feels like judgement because she can't relate.

I just needed to get that out.
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