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Working, well, eh.

Okay, so I had to work yesterday like always. But it was no big deal, I was opening so I could get off early and study. However, about 30 mins into my shift, Martha, the girl who is suppose to close, calls me, telling me she can't come in. Okay, I call a couple people, find out that no one can cover her full shift. Icing, our sister store, refuses to answer the phone. So what I do? Well, Martha really needed the day off, because her aunt passed away, so I called Jaclyn, who could only come in after 6, then I called Laura and she said she would break me, 'cause I had to take an hour break. So Laura gets there after 8 hours of being in the store by myself. I go on my break, then the ROP gets there, so I have them hold the sales floor while I seperated the 9 boxes of shipment we got that day. Then Jaclyn gets there, and I do the midday deposit, and go home. The 8:30-5:30 shift I was suppose to work turned into the 8:30-7:00 shift. Man, I was tired, and I got to come home and go to a study group for math. Needless to say, yesterday was a very long day.

However, everything seems to be going right for me today. I got an A- on my english portfollio, giving me an A in the class, my math final was a breeze, and the tram was there right when I needed it to be.

So all in all, I'm doing pretty good right now. All I have to do is finish my psych paper, which I'm off to go do!
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