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Well, Dang it.

Last weekend was unfortunately rather eventful. I was going back to school on saturday, and I totalled my car. Some chick decided she wanted to be where I was, except I was still there. Through my best efforts I tried to avoid her, but after hitting the rumble strips on the side of the road, I fish tailed and hit the side of her car. I wasn't my fault, but I misht be charged with the accident because my car did the hitting even though she caused the accident. So I'm offically without a car until the insurance company pays us for the car. But on to better news. . .

Okay, so I went back to school last week. My classes rock. Humanities doesn't suck like I though it would. And due to my Music in film class and film aesthics classes, no one will ever be able to watch a movie with me again. But I've done nothing but read all week, so I'm kind've tired of it. But, alast, I still have two chapters to read for Film Aesthics, and then I must start my speech paper. Ugh, I love college, depise homework.
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