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More Reasons of My Life

Reasons My Life Rocks Right Now:

1. Snow and I had a good long talk, everything's cool again. :)

2. I'm doing super well in my classes. :)

3. My hummanities professor totally loves Lost and loves my idea for my paper. :)

4. I get to watch Lost for CLASS!!! :)

5. I've memorized all of my lines for my Vagina Monologues part. :)

6. It's warmer today. :)

7. I have a pirate flag on my wall. :)

8. I'm making way more friends here at school through the Vagina Monologues. :)

9. Norma and Shawntel are the coolest roomies ever. :)

Reasons My Life Totally Doesn't Rock Right Now:

1. Ebony is the most annoying person in the world. :(

2. Only got six hours of sleep due to Ebony and her friend. :(

3. Woke up with a stranger in the next bed. :(

4. Tripping over Ebony's junk all day. :(

5. My other speech professor was in a really bad car accident and died. :(

6. I have no idea when I'm gonna get a new car. :(

7. I have my first Film Aethics test next week and I'm freaking.:(

Well, the good out number the bad, so I'm gonna be happy! :)
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