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Presenting the four Princess-Maruaders in alphabetical order:

Name: Ash
Birthday: 6/14/88
Whereabouts: California, US, NW Hemisphere, the Earth
Can also be found at: my website, propheticsparks.com, myspace, and anywhere where there's ice cream
Dearest Ambition in Life: to find out how airplanes stay up to come as close as possible to the heart of God.
Books/Film/TV/Fandoms: Teh Bible. Lost. LotR. Harry Potter. Disney stuff. Narnia. Beowulf.
Adores: Gred and Forge, my iPod, my laptop, Disneyland, Photoshop, booksbooksbooks, banana splits, shopPING, the smell of oranges, shoebox_project, making icons, afternoon tea, inventing words, Fellowship! The Musical, random/senseless parodies in general, Ireland, elevensies.
Peeves: when the electricity goes out, bad design, stupid advertising, hypocrites, and garden hoses

Cait on Ash: :)I heart you and you rock my socks off!! Your a wonderfull Friend and Im soo sad your going but soo happy for you at the same time!! I cant wait to see wear you are in 10 years!! your soo amizing!! I love you!
Char on Ash: my bestest friend who I love dearly but too talented for her own good but is always there for me and good to talk to.
Mel on Ash: First person I really opened up to

Name: Cait!!!!
Birthday: May 20 1988!!
Whereabouts:uhh... Apple Vally!...
Can also be found at: myspace, waterprincess06
Dearest Ambition in Life: Ultimitly to be happy in myself and to have a wonderful relatoinship with God!
Books/Film/TV/Fandoms: Relient K!!!! LotR, The Complex Infastructure Known as the Female mind!!, your mom, Any book with mistery or murder or suspence or scaryness!! I love reading about that stuff!!
Adores: Relient K!!!!!!! M@!! Water polo,your mom, Swimming!! being with the people listed at the bottem!!
Peeves: Bad Hygene, People who think theyre better then me but theyre not! your mom.

Ash on Cait: my ever-flowing source of giggles and spontanaiety! Cait always knows how to make me smile.
Char on Cait: very silly, never ceases to amaze or make me smile
Mel on Cait: Crazy cool

Name: Char
Birthday: 6/26/86
Whereabouts: MO
Can also be found at: rowan_rose
Dearest Ambition in Life: Forever growing closer to God and never quinching that thirst
Books/Film/TV/Fandoms: LotR, C.S. Lewis stuff, Lost, Alias, The Robe, The Grace Awakening, Beowulf, Emma, Dear Frankie, Spiderman, The Phantom of the Opera and lots of other stuff.
Adores: feet, ice cream, roses, grand adventures, tea time, anything having to do with the UK, pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, Spiderman, hobbits, and lots of other stuff. (see my user info on my lj for more)
Peeves: stupid people (including many Californians), raisins, people who obsess over things that don't matter and refuse to have any fun.

Cait on Char:)Oh man!! your my hero!! I heart you Char!!! I love the fact that even though your gone we still talk and are still great friendsd even though you live forever away!! That gives me hope for all my lovly friends that will be leaving soon!I love you and your great!!
Ash on Char: this girl is teh hottness...if you know what I mean ;) She is the fastest made, closest friend I've ever had. We're bosom buddies. (Did I say bosom? Yup.)
Mel on Char: Fun, energetic, and crazy, but serious when ya need her to be

Name: Melissa
Whereabouts: Currently, Crapple Valley, two days time, Northridge
Can also be found at: Here and soon to be updated!
Dearest Ambition in Life: Um. . . . there's that whole career thing, then getting as close to God as possible, then doing really crazy stuff. You pick.
Books/Film/TV/Fandoms: This will take a LONG time if all is said, no only the good ones will be: Lost, LOTR, Shakespeare in general, The Phantom of the Opera (book and Movie), um, etc.?
Adores: Movies, books, Monalily, staying up late and working on a photoshop thing, my computer working properly, driving short distances, most music, blah.
Peeves: People sneezing on you, people being annoyingly random, the rythmic click of the ceiling fan.

Char on Mel: very passionate and loving
Cait on Mel:)Oh man what to say about you!!! You are such a great person and you care so much about all your friends!! Even when i try to shut you out when im angry you let me know your lawys there!! And ll never forget the warp tour!! That was prolly one of my most favorite things ever!!
Ash on Mel: My little redhead, we've got a special relationship since she was the first one I ever got to see saved...I'm going to miss her very much this year.